Our primary concern:

Solving your legal problem.

Solving your legal problem.

How do we proceed?


We analyze your situation and elaborate a strategy to tackle the problem.


If possible, we try to resolve your problem with a legal tool sometimes better suited than a lawsuit: a transaction.


If all reasonable attempts to resolve the dispute by conciliation fail, we go to court.

Administrative and Immigration law

We help you deal with individual administrative decisions taken by the state, local authorities, or other public bodies. We also advise and assist you during your immigration process (international protection and residence permits).

Civil law

We advise and assist you during negotiations, the drafting process, or during the termination of contracts (e.g. sales contract, VEFA contract, lease contract…).

Divorce law

We can also advise and support you during divorce proceedings (divorce by mutual consent or divorce by irretrievable breakdown) and questions relating to alimony, visiting rights and accommodation. By listening and empathizing, we’ll help you find the best legal solution in this sometimes difficult and emotional period.

Employment law

We advise and assist you during the drafting and execution of your employment contract, during any disputes that may arise between employee and employer, and at the end of the employment relationship (dismissal, resignation, etc.).

Real estate law

Whether you are a tenant, co-owner or future buyer of a property, we defend your rights.

We can help you with the following issues: residential lease, commercial lease, VEFA contracts, neighborhood disturbances, construction liability (legal expertise, construction defects, defects, warranties…), co-ownership problems, and property taxes.

Criminal law

Whether you’re accused in an ongoing criminal case or a victim,

Whether it’s a common law offense, such as personal injury (homicide, assault and battery, accidents…), property offenses (theft, destruction, fraud…), or road traffic offenses (withdrawal of driving license),

we protect your interests, and we’ll be happy to meet with you so that we can defend your interests to the best of our ability.

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